Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated to TuneIn and/or Ticketmaster?
No. I regularly listen to music on TuneIn and decided that I would like to promote certain radio stations based on their content. My hope is that people will support the radio stations by listening to them directly on TuneIn and 'liking' them, thereby increasing their popularity. Each radio station contains links directly to TuneIn. It seemed logical to me to make the effort to include up and coming venues for each genre via Ticketmaster.
Do you have any financial gain by making this website?
No. I pay for the hosting of the website and also for the SSL certificate. If I am advertising anything it is simply my ability and passion to design websites. View my portfolio.
Can you add my radio station to your website?
I will only add radio stations that are already on TuneIn. Please send me the link to your radio station and I will consider adding it on the website.
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